Dulahaa Raja Set

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The Nepalese Marriage Dress for you to be the special groom (Dulaha) of your special bride (Dulahi) ;only this Dulaha Raja Set completes your Marriage and makes it lifetime memorable.

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Daura Suruwal Size


Only Nepali Wedding Dress makes the Wedding complete

The name of the dress says it all : Dulaha Raza set ! Meaning that Nepali Wedding Dress for you to wear  on your special day which is probably the most memorable day of every Man in this world. Yes! The day of your marriage. For this item, we generally take pre-orders for the perfect size of your body so that you won’t be feeling any uneasiness while you are sitting & performing the marital rituals in front of Jagiya or Agni – Kunda. However, this dress already comes in more than 7 different sizes, meaning it has very negligible possibility of mis-match of your size need. Please check the size details for your immense satisfaction.

This is made up of Dhaka fabric as well as Makhmal (Valvet) fabric and comes in a set of Daura, Suruwal, Jutta (Shoes), Peti (Belt) and the Topi (Cap or you can also purchase it separately. For the right size of your need, please refer to the size details.

Please refere to the size details since this comes in 7 different sizes. However, because your marriage is special, we would advise you to contact us to discuss the best size, design, colours and accessories, well in advance to avoid disappointments. You can also preorder this item upto few weeks or months in advance.

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Daura Suruwal Size

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