Privacy and Cookies

At, we respect your privacy and we are fully dedicated that your privacy is not comprised at any cost. All the policies in relation to our ‘Privacy Policy’ are mentioned below which will be updated immediately after it is amended.

How do we use your information you provide?
We do not intend to disclose your information at first place. However, if we do need to do so, that will be done to the third party service providers who may need your information to process the purchase order. So, it is solely for the administrative purpose. At times, for the purpose to keep you updated by post, email or other marketing mix about our latest services, products, special offers by and our retail channels, we may contact you or even call you by phone in case of requirement to contact you for the purchase you have made.

Third party sharing:
We may share your information to our third parties, who may contact you for the marketing purpose via email or the research agencies with your permission. However, we will never share your Payment Details to these parties. By using our website, you agree to the information you provide to be processed for any of the above mentioned purpose, except where you have chosen to opt out of being done so, which you may choose if you are registered with My Account at any time. Or alternatively, you can unsubscribe by emailing our customer service department with the subject line “Remove Me From Mailing List” or writing to us at the above address.

It is a bunch of small pieces of information, which get stored by your browser on your PCs or other devices’ hard drive.

Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your computer hard drive. We use them for flowing reasons:

  • To assure the correct processing after the orders are put into the shopping basket.
  • To identify you as a customers while you are travelling on our website.
  • To observe site usage information for further development in the quality and standard of our services and products.
  • However, it doesn’t store any recognizable and personal information. You are advised to ensure that you have enabled the cookies which allow you to register your details and purchase from our website